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Patient Care

Information desk – General Information regarding hospital is available at Information Desk located in the main lobby.

Extn : 611

Emergency Services –    CHPL Emergency has all life saving medicines and equipments needed for resuscitations. The hospital is geared to perform emergency round the clock.

Emergency Helpline : 0172-5-240024

Extn :  616 



Department Name of Doctor Room No
Department of Neurosurgery Dr. Deepak Tyagi 1
Dr Anupam Jindal 3
Department of Psychiatry Dr Ambrish Singhal 2
Department of Urology Dr Manoj Sharma 4
Dr Rajesh Gulia 5
Dr Virender Dhankar 4
Dr Karun Singla 8
Department of Gastrology Dr. Rahul Gupta 8
Department of Pulmonary Dr. Rahul Katiyal 8
Department of Dermatology Dr. Sonali Bhatt 8
Department of Nephrology Dr. Mukesh Goyal 6


Basement 1

Department Name of Doctor Room No
Department of Internal Medicine Dr Jasmeet Singh 716
Department of Orthopaedics Dr.TarandeepSingh Gill 707
Department of General Surgery Dr Ashok Sharma/Dr. Sanjeev Bhatia Emergency On call
Department of Onocology Dr Manishi Bansal 715
Department of Oncology Surgery Dr. Giridhar Gopal 706
Department of ENT Dr Anoop Roy 712
Department of Plastic Surgery Dr Deepak Kalia Emergency On call
Department of Psychiatry Dr Ruchi Gupta 706
Department of Neurology Dr. Jasbir Singh Shashi 706
Department of Gynecology Dr.Parneet Kaur
Dr. Aranjana Manhas
Department of Psychotherapy Dr. Meenu Kheri 709
Department Fetal Medicine Dr. Sandhya Dhankhar 718
Department of Dermatology Dr. Neelam Singh 712
Department of Dermatology Dr. Karandeep Singh Syal 713


Precautions while coming for health check

  • Prior appointment needed.
  • Please come on an empty stomach with overnight fasting. (have 2 – 3 glasses of plain water)
  • If you are pregnant, diabetic or have a cardiac problem, please inform the reception and ask for concern doctor.

Patient Transport wheelchair/starchier – Wheelchair and stretcher provision is provide at the emergency gate and at the main gate please ask the GDA to assist you.

Registration /consultation – If you are visiting CHPL first time, you need to get a onetime registration done with fee, at the respective reception counter. You will be issued a unique ID number and a file would be made. For Consultation you are require to fix an appointment with the reception by quoting your ID No. This would ensure that your hospital records are available with the doctors by the time you arrive. If you come without an appointment please give your hospital ID No. at the reception Desk. The reception staff will guide you to the appropriate consultant.

Extn     610 / 611 / 629


OPD Billing – OPD billing counter is located in the main lobby at ground floor. All payments for investigations are made here. We accept cash & all major credit/debit cards.


OPD PHARMACY – The 24 hour CHPL pharmacy is located in the main lobby of Hospital.


Extn 613


Investigation – In case of any investigation is required, the consultant would request for the necessary investigation . Payment for same is to be made at the OPD Billing counter on the ground floor at main lobby. You would be guided to the different diagnostic centers, where you have to present the payment receipt. For MRI CT Scan & Ultrasound you have to fix up a prior appointment.


Lab Services/ sample collection – Laboratories are located in basement 2 . Blood, Urine & Stool sample may be given at the sample collection room on the ground floor. The reports may be collected from the same counter on the due date.

Extn   621


Radio Diagnostics – This includes X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, EEG, multi-slice CT scan & other special investigations. These are located on the ground floor.

Extn.   X-ray    620, CT scan 623, Ultra Sound   615,   EEG 707

Physiotherapy – Physiotherapy Department is located at basement 1 All the billing for physiotherapy is done at the reception counter at ground floor.
Extn 803

Rehab – Rehab Department is located at third floor.Please contact reception for further details

Dietician consultation – Our Team of dedicated & committed dietician makes sure that each admitted patient gets individual attention. A dietician would visit you and after assessing the nature of illness and doctor’s instructions’s she/he will prescribe a tailor-made diet and also help in understanding the dietary influences on the diseases process.

Extn 820

Corporate/TPA helpdesk – For TPA if you are covered under listed insurance companies for medical services, CHPL Hospital will help you get your claim processed by your TPA. For assistance please contact TPA Helpdesk located on the ground floor at main lobby.


Extn : – 626

ADMISSION : In the event of your requiring admission , your doctor would fill our a “request for admission Form”. The reception counter would send your file with the admission request to the admission counter.

Extn : 611


IP BILLING : In case you have been advised surgery by doctors you will be required to pay the desired amount as OT booking Charges at IP cash Counter. This would be adjusted against your hospital the time of admission you are requested to pay an advance amount equivalent to the estimated cost of the surgery.

Extn : 614

Payment can be done by cash or major credit cards


ROOM- CATEGORIES /FACILITIES : CHPL hospital offers a choice of patient room /beds. All efforts are made to provide the type of room that you desire. In case of non availability of a room of your choice you would be allotted the best alternative room available.

  • » Multi bed unit : It is air conditioned and consists of 15 beds, separated by curtain partitions. A common TV with cable connection is also provided in the ward.
  • » Twin Sharing : Each room accommodates 2 patients. A common Television is also provided. Washroom is common.
  • » Single Room : The single room is provided with electronic bed. It has a specious room with TV Telephone and wardrobe with a large bathroom.
  • » Day Care Room : The day care room is provided for day surgeries, which do not require admission for more than 12 hours.
  • » Intensive Care unit : ICU are equipped with most modern patient monitoring systems. Trained Intensives are present in the ICU round the clock. One attendant is allowed to be in ICU lobby for each patient. They may leave their contact number at the ICU’s while leaving the ICU lobby.

Extn : 125


DOCTOR’S : Round the clock medical cover is provided by Resident Medical Officer. Please inform the nursing station if you need to contact the doctor.


NURSING : Our nursing staff is highly skilled and dedicated to provide the best nursing care. For any assistance please contact the nursing supervisor of the floor.


IN PATIENT PHARMACY : The in patient pharmacy will cater to all your requirement of medicine, which is open 24 hour.

Extn :  613


FOOD SERVICES : F & B department coordinate diet for all non referred patients. Food quality and timely service of food are also assured

Room service  Extn : 809


TELEVISION : Television are placed in all patient wards/ room . A detail guide and operating instruction are available with each TV set.


TELEPHONE : To get in touch with your ward secretary and fill the necessary application please dial 9 for operator.


MAINTENANCE : If you require any assistance for TV , AC , telephone etc. you may contact or technician either directly or through the Floor In charge.

Extn : 720


VISITOR’S – One attendant pass per patient is normally issued during admission.



Morning Evening
General ward 11:00 am 12:00 am 4:00 pm 5:00 pm
ICU 8:15 am 9:00 am 4:00 pm 5:00 pm


DISCHARGE : The In–Patient bill department is at basement 1. The department will generate the final bill and you are requested to settle the same at the time of discharge. After settlement of a bill Discharge information Slip will be given to you. This is to be given to your ward secretary nurse, the nurse will hand over your reports and discharge summery. Please handover the attendant pass to the ward secretary, along with the discharge information slip.


BILLING : At the time of admission you are required to make a deposited, which would be adjusted against your final bill. During the say in the hospital interim bills are generated and you are requested to make payments as per the outstanding amount.


POLICY FOR COMPANY BED CHARGES : Minimum admission is for aday . Hospital following single discharge time at 11:00 am. Discharge beyond 11:00 am shall be charged one day bed charge.


BED TRANSFER : In the event of a bed transfer ward during the course of treatments , the higher category bed charges will be applicable for the day of transfer.


At CHPL Healthcare Super Specialty Hospital, we go the extra mile to ensure that a patient is always at ease.



At CHPL Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital, emphasis is given on simple practices of regularly sanitizing hands to implementing epidemiological surveillance and infection control. An infection control program and protocol has been put in place to ensure the well-being of both the patients and the hospital staff. These include engineering controls, state of the art designs of operation theatres with positive pressure, ultra clean air filters with 30 air changes an hour, appropriately designed intensive care units, central sterile supply department and a well planned segregation and disposal system of biomedical waste.



All processes, at CHPL Healthcare Super Specialty Hospital, have been simplified to deliver an experience of ease. This includes admission procedures, insurance claims, payment procedures, decentralized billing and others.



The CHPL Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital building design is an innovative shape which gives immense advantages to the functioning of the hospital. It translates to the fact that all path-flows are separate, implying absolute infection control and safety. Also, the hospital’s two skylight zones have significant benefits as all wards and rooms, including the OTs and ICUs get good natural sunlight through the day.

The Emergency Department of CHPL Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital, This purpose-built facility, with state-of-the-art equipment is for people who need immediate hospital attention due to serious illness or injury. We provide a 24 hour, 7 day a week consultant-led service to the patients.



CHPL hospital boasts an ambulance service consisting of a fleet of state of the art ambulance units run by our capable team around the clock. Each vehicle has dedicated intensive care facilities with equipment such as defibrillators, portable ventilators, oxygen, portable monitors, pulse oximeters, syringe pumps and emergency medicine. The extremely well trained staffing is an added asset in their ability to cope with emergency situations that require the utmost care.


» Ambulance Services
» Clinical Nutrition
» Emergency Services
» Trauma Centre
» Preventive Health Check-up Centre
» Radiology & Imaging
» LAB Services
» Pharmacy
» Drug De- Addiction Center
» Day Care Services
» Dialysis
» Canteen
Ambulance Service

Mayo hospital boasts an ambulance service consisting of a fleet of state of the art ambulance units run by our capable team around the clock. Each vehicle has dedicated intensive care facilities with equipment such as defibrillators, portable ventilators, oxygen, portable monitors, pulse oximeters, syringe pumps and emergency medicine. The extremely well trained staffing is an added asset in their ability to cope with emergency situations that require the utmost care.